Center Subaru is interested in buying all makes and models, even if you are not buying a car from us. Start your trade appraisal here.

Some people try to get more money for their trade by selling their vehicle privately, and at times they do. However, the drawbacks may be greater than the rewards in certain situations.

  • Time - selling a car privately takes time - ads, email, missed appointments are just a few of the time busters involved.

  • Hassle - Negotiations with the buyer, DMV paperwork, payments, title payoff and transfer and possible fraud for starters.

  • Security - Many sellers are wary of strangers coming to your home and/or test driving your vehicle.

  • No Tax Credit - If you sell your car privately, you do NOT get a trade-in tax credit which occurs when you buy and sell a vehicle at a dealership in one transaction. By trading in, most states charge sales tax only on the difference between the trade-in value and the new-car price. You forfeit the tax credit when you sell privately, and it will cost you!

  • Down Payment - if you need a new car before your old car sells, you miss the opportunity to apply the cash from the sale to the down payment on the new car, which could result in higher monthly payments.

  • Exposure - even though a private sale is sold "as is", most private party buyers will examine your car from top to bottom and may even require a 3rd-party mechanic to inspect it. They'll use the mechanics "repair list and condition report" to negotiate down your selling price. Should the car break down right after a person buys it, they might make your life very uncomfortable and even threaten legal action.
  • Fast - drive in with your old car and drive out with you new one or with a check should you choose to just sell your car without buying a new one.

  • No Hassle - Center Subaru handles all of the paperwork, title transfer, vehicle registration and plates, and process your lien payoff (if applicable).

  • Sales Tax Credit - As mentioned above, when you buy and sell a vehicle at a dealership in one transaction, you will only pay sales tax only on the difference between the trade-in value and the new-car price.

  • As Is - Center Subaru will take your car in "as is", regardless of the condition - even if you have it towed in! PLUS, you can still take advantage of our $500 Trade-In Coupon.
Contact us at 888-869-5889 to set a time for us to
finalize your appraisal and buy your car.

  • Title (if it's not with lienholder). If there is a lien on the vehicle, we will need to contact the lienholder to get a 15-day payoff. Please bring lienholder name and phone number, names on the account, account number and social security numbers if requested by the lienholder.

  • Valid registration.

  • Valid state-issued photo ID for all titleholders, who must be present.

  • All keys, fobs and remotes (if applicable)

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